Welcome to July!

Summer has always felt like a great time for Sci-fi to me. It’s great to have so many projects ripening around this time! It’s also a great time to find a cool spot and curl up with a book to read 💖

The Cygnian Warriors series is coming along great! My newsletter subscribers have been getting an awesome treat in that regard 😉 . I’ll have more news on that series for everyone soon!

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A Father’s Day Treat!

As a special Father’s Day treat, I’m sharing one of my favorite scenes from The Department of Homeworld Security—the scene where Craig meets (and adopts) Henry.


(Family movie night with Craig would be awesome! He might not share his popcorn, though.)

Craig and Barbara and their adopted family are favorites among my readers, and with me as well. Read on for an excerpt from Entry Visa!

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Flower Moon Progress — 2021

The Full Flower Moon is here today. This is such a magical time of year, when the green is overpowering the gray and splashes of color can be found far and wide.


I’m moving full speed ahead on the Cygnian 7 and learning a bunch about both the series and my writing process. The biggest lesson: it’s a heck of a lot easier to change an outline than a finished draft. I’m outlining everything before I start the other books. Unfortunately, that also includes Kral.

The deeper I dug into those edits, the more I realized it needs a rewrite. Kral’s tone is closer to The Department of Homeworld Security (not surprising, since I’ve been focusing on that series for so long, and Kral was the first thing in that world—but not that series—that I’ve written). I should be able to use whole chapters from the draft, though, so I anticipate it’ll go really fast once I have those outlines done.

From the outset of my writing career, I found that writing from an outline made everything go so much faster. It’s easier to keep things cohesive as well, which is vital for a series (especially one with seven books!). I love that Cygnian 7 has a beginning, middle, and end, and the story arc for the series is so strong and compelling. I can’t wait to share more with you about this series, including a sneak peek coming up a bit later today 😉

Nothing to Declare

I introduced a town called Harbor, Kansas in Homeworld for the Holidays, and decided to spend some time there for book thirteen. Nothing to Declare is about a woman who refuses to believe that aliens are real in a small town that has the most reports of alien encounters in The Department of Homeworld Security‘s Earth. Part of the reason for that is that Craig loves to hang out there 😉

The space cats figure in tangentially as well, and we get to meet a new Scorpiian! Nothing to Declare furthers the plot line as well as introducing us to new characters and a new setting where we’ll be spending lots of time going forward.

Nothing to Declare 400 px Cover

She’s sure that aliens aren’t real—until she falls for one.

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