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Dorn: A Scifi Alien Warriors Romance has launched, and this has been such a great release week! Thank you to everyone who left a review or sent me an email to tell me how much you love the book 💙

If you haven’t read it yet, get your copy and join the fun! Here’s a little taste of the story…

* * *

“What are you?” Amy’s sharp tone pulled him back from his dark thoughts.

“I am a Cygnian warrior,” Dorn said, pride flooding his chest as it always did.

“What can you do?”

He angled his head, trying to sort out the intent behind her question. “I can do anything a human male can.” He took a step forward, but she retreated again, her feet moving in an odd, smooth gait. Her arms rose a bit higher and her lips tightened into a thin line.

She narrowed her eyes, and said, “Can you swim?”

Maker. How did she know he couldn’t swim? He knew she was looking for weaknesses, but did she expect him to just tell her? He would gladly share anything about himself that she wanted to know if it brought them closer together, but he didn’t like the thought of her assuming that other alien sentients she met might be so forthcoming.

“I suppose I can do most of the things a human male can,” he said. “And many more.”

He smirked as he focused on the electric arcs of pleasure firing along his spine plates, knowing that, as his soulmate, she had to be feeling something similar. If what the other warriors in his prism had told him was true, focusing on the sensation would amplify what she was experiencing, adding his pleasure to her own. She gasped, brown eyes widening and lush lips parting. Her cheeks and neck flushed and her heart accelerated, his dual, discordant beats quickening in an attempt to match hers.

She shook her head and said, “Stop that.”

“Stop what?” He took another step forward and this time she didn’t retreat.

“Stop putting your alien pheromone whammy on me.”

“‘Alien pheromone whammy?’ I have no idea what that is.”

“Bullshit,” she said. “If you didn’t know what I’m talking about, you wouldn’t look so smug.”

His grin broadened. Nothing slipped past his soulmate.

“How did you know I can’t swim?” he asked.

“Lucky guess. You’re deflecting.”

“Deflecting. That’s an interesting word.” He nodded, overplaying his pondering. “It implies warding something off. Turning away an attack.” He stepped closer again, till he could almost feel her heat. Leaning in a bit, he said, “Are we sparring, Amy?”

Her eyes narrowed further.

* * *

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He never expected to find his soulmate.

Bound by a sacred oath, Lar has selflessly dedicated his life to place the needs of his crown prince above all others, including his own. Taking the oath was easy in his youth—with the population imbalance facing his people, there was no hope of Lar finding a soulmate. He never expected to be tempted to break his oath. But then he journeyed to Earth.

Sophie Myers doesn’t have time to heal from the trauma of alien abduction. Nor can she allow herself to be distracted by Lar, one of the giant blue warriors who rescued her.  She has no time for romance now that a shapeshifting alien mercenary threatens her family.  But when she discovers she wasn’t the only one taken, her only hope is to place her trust in Lar.

Their search for answers only turns up more questions—and uncovers a threat bigger than either could ever imagine. Will the temptation of their growing bond lead them to a new life together, or will it ultimately send them to their death?

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