“We need to work with what you have.” 🛸

Hello, everyone! It’s #WIPWednesday, and I have a treat for you. I’m sharing an excerpt from the next Cygnian 7 book, Lar: A Scifi Alien Warriors Romance. It might change a bit in its final (edited) form, but I really love how it is right now. We’ll see!

In this scene, Lar is sparring with Sophie, training her on how to use the Cygnian wristbands that he gave her in the previous book. Sophie already has experience with fencing, thanks to one of her many previous exes, so she’s using the energy-blade function. Cygnian wristbands are really useful!

Please enjoy 💙

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Pets in Space® 5—Scifi With A Touch of Paranormal

I’ve had lots of fun writing a werewolf on a hoverbike in my Scifi/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance mashup Blades of Janus series. I decided to spread that fun around by adding a bit of the paranormal to The Department of Homeworld Security. For my story in the Pets in Space® 5 anthology, Rate of Return, I decided to explore a new group of sentients—space werewolves!

PISA5 Pets Twitter Posts 1

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