The Flower Moon Begins to Bloom

Redbud Blooms 2019

Hello, everyone! Today is the new moon leading up to the Flower Moon. It's all about growth, beauty, and potential to me. What do I want to grow in my life? What brings me the greatest sense of joy? Right now, it's all about my writing. I'm well into the first draft of an ambitious … Continue reading The Flower Moon Begins to Bloom


Joyful Spring Equinox!

Happy First Day of Spring! 😀 Okay, so we're a bit away from being able to walk around outside barefoot or...without a coat, but it's closer! I can feel it 🙂 The days begin to grow longer than the nights, and there is so much awesome ahead of us. Today is even more special, because … Continue reading Joyful Spring Equinox!