Happy Lughnasadh and Welcome to August!

Did you know that I have an English Lit degree specializing in Irish Folklore? Yeah that…doesn’t exactly open doors for me on a resume 😅 But I had so much fun being able to dig deep into the folklore that I grew up loving.

I know I mostly talk about Scifi here, but I do have quite a few Paranormal Romance and even Urban Fantasy projects lurking in the wings. I’m going to keep the focus on the Scifi as much as I can while working on the Cygnian 7, but on days like today, the folklore is going to get through.

Why, you ask? Because today is Lughnasadh, celebrating Lugh of the Long Arm and marking the beginning of the harvest season.

There are lots of different ways to celebrate, but the main themes are sharing the bounty of the Earth. That’s something I can get behind. It’s also a celebration of corn crops specifically, and that is also something I can get behind (I’m a big fan of corn—and doing my best to resist making a terrible pun about my corny sense of humor. That last part I typed doesn’t count, right?).

We’ll probably whip up some corn bread and maybe make some corn on the cob. And corn on the cob sounds like a great excuse to have a cookout, since they pair so well.

This is also a good time for us to remember that the summer is winding down, school is starting again, and the rhythm of our lives will be flowing a bit differently. I’ll make sure there’s still plenty of time for writing! Those Cygnians aren’t going to write their own stories 😉

Whatever your focus, I hope your Lughnasadh goes well!

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