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I finished the first round of edits on Nuar and I’m so excited to share these exciting new stories with you! The plots are much more involved and connected than the novellas in The Department of Homeworld Security, which is part of why the Cygnian 7 will be novel-length instead.

I want this Sci-fi Romance adventure to be absolutely amazing, so it’s going to be a bit till they’re ready, but I’m going to start sharing snippets with you here. Buckle up, because it’s going to be quite a ride!

In this scene, the heroine, Lian, is babysitting Craig and Barbara’s new little nestling, Ellie. They’re hanging out at the library with Lian’s Saint Bernard, Ed, and Doug, one of the library’s regulars.

Ellie settled with a little murmur and smacking of her lips. Craig better get back soon to feed her. Aside from ice cream, Lian had no idea what baby Lyrians ate.
She was just starting to relax again when the wall behind her shook, a loud boom matching it. The impact had been hard enough that a display board fell to the ground.
Lian yelped and scrambled to her feet. Even Ed woke and rolled off the couch. He let out a low woof as he headed to the side door that led to the greenhouse.
“What was that?” Doug asked.
“I have no idea.”
Ellie blinked up at Lian with bleary eyes. One of the blue-tinged tentacles attached to her side whipped up to rub them.
“It’s okay,” Lian said. “It’s gonna be okay.”
Lian wasn’t sure how convincing she sounded. She had no idea what was going on.
Somewhere on the street, a car alarm went off. Another booming impact hit the wall. Were they under attack? Had less friendly aliens come, planning to destroy everything they’d built?
“You don’t think it’s the Cygnians, do you?” Doug asked.
Lian’s blood turned cold. “Oh no…”
Harbor had been transformed in part to welcome the Cygnians. The town was supposed to help pave a way toward peace between Earth and other worlds, once the rest of the planet was ready to know aliens were real.
The Cygnians were incredibly strong, almost indestructible, and all of them were warriors. The Coalition was trying to get the Cygnians to ally with them during the war that apparently was raging through the galaxy, which would be good for Earth. But if the Cygnians decided to fight against them…
Through the window, Lian saw something huge and white hurtling through the air.

There’s a lot more action in the Cygnian 7, and this is just the beginning! I can’t wait to share more with you as things progress.

If you haven’t read The Department of Homeworld Security, you have some time to catch up with this world before Nuar comes out. You’ll get to see old favorites and make new friends in the Cygnian 7 💖

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