WIP Wednesday — Nuar

I probably started these way too early. It’s just so hard to sit on a finished book without sharing it! As I write the other books in the series, though, I’m getting ideas for making everything better, then I have to go back and make changes. I can only do that if I wait till they’re all pretty much ready to start publishing them.

The good news is, when I launch the first book, the rest of the series should be complete (I hope)! And while you wait, I’ll keep sharing snippets here 💖

I’ll give you three guesses about where exactly on Lian’s chest Nuar is poking her. Awkward…

“What happened out here?” Doug asked, looking around. “Do you need help?”
Nuar’s spine-plates rose again. This male didn’t need to help Lian. Nuar would do it.
As soon as he figured out how.
“This is none of your concern and your assistance is not required,” Nuar said.
Lian turned back to him, and started jabbing Nuar in the chest as she spoke. “He lives in Harbor and this is his library and his community greenhouse, so it is absolutely his concern.”
She poked him one last time when she was done speaking, her brow furrowed.
“Well, I am the one who made this mess, and so I will figure out how to fix it,” Nuar said, poking her in the chest just as she’d done to him.
Her eyes widened and she pulled her hand back to hit him again. This time, he saw it coming and was able to catch her wrist before impact. His spine-plates vibrated again and he pulled her closer, so that her body was almost touching his. Waves of sensation coated his skin, resonating deep within him.
That glare of hers. It could melt the iciest comet.

I need to make myself a bowl of popcorn to eat while I read this scene 😆

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