Ebb and Flow

Writing every day is a wonderful habit to cultivate. I work hard to make the time, to show the discipline to make it happen. Sometimes, though, I need to let go of that expectation.

Life is busy and curve-balls can come out of nowhere. It’s important to make a consistent practice of writing. It’s also important to know when to push away from the page and give that time, energy, and attention to your life. The writing will always be there, and if you don’t have a deadline hanging over your head, sometimes you need to give yourself a break.

This isn’t an excuse to treat your writing like it isn’t the challenging and joyous work that it is or to procrastinate endlessly. This is just reality. Writers have homes, relationships, day-jobs, and bodies that need upkeep. Sometimes urgently, sometimes one after another, and sometimes even all at once.

During these difficult times, I find that the time I can eke out for writing becomes even more important. I might not be at the keyboard every day, but I can retreat into my stories when I get a spare moment here and there. And it helps me appreciate my work both for myself and for others.

Stories can be a wonderful respite from the vagaries and challenges of life. If my readers can escape for even a few moments, just like I escape into my stories, and come out on the other side refreshed and ready to tackle their problems again, it’s a good thing.

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