Writing about Writing

Writing about the writing process is more difficult than writing stories. I never have a dearth of ideas when it comes to stories. I have the opposite problem when blogging. I know the pieces will be very short, so it’s easy to sit down to write them. But when I face that blank screen, my mind echoes a similar emptiness.

The act of writing changes so quickly, it would be impossible for me to document a consistent writing practice. Sometimes I jump from scene to scene, writing whatever is most present in my mind. Other times, I go through a story chronologically, letting each moment unfold and flow into the next. The process depends on the piece and what it needs to be created.

When you’re writing a story, you need to keep track of each moment and the characters’ reactions to those moments. Blogging is much more “in the now.” So I will keep writing what I’m thinking about at the moment, watching how things change over time, then cycling back. And I’ll keep hoping that what I write here helps others with their own creativity.

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