Top Ten Things I Loved About ORACon

I had so much fun at ORACon over the weekend. Seriously. Here is my top-ten list of my favorite parts of the experience.

10. The drive. The scenery on the drive was beautiful with Fall getting ready to set in. At one point, I was driving through the countryside during the golden hour. The trees were just gorgeous.

9. The mystical. As I was getting onto the first highway, a hawk flew in front of my car, chasing something (which she caught). The banks and turns she did in such a small space—weaving in and out among speeding cars and trucks—were astounding. I took it as a good sign for my journey 🙂

8. The weird. I ended up arriving in Springfield after dark. There was a barn that was lit up so bright I couldn’t not-notice it driving past. I only caught a glimpse, but there was a giant sculpture of a cartoonish animal head (like as big as a van) sticking out of the hayloft window. So. Weird.

7. The inspirational. Watching the sun set and night edge in over the landscape—cows and trees turning into dark silhouettes as colors were leached away, everything becoming a mix of blacks and grays until the light finally faded… That was pretty epic.

6. The food. Yeah, that chicken we had with lunch was delicious! And the coffee with hazelnut creamer and that decadent chocolate cake… Now I’m hungry. BRB, I need to get a snack. Okay, that’s better. Where was I… Oh, right!

5. The hotel. It was awesome and the layout was great story-setting fodder. I’ve never seen a hotel with such a huge enclosed courtyard. The view from my room was so cool.

4.The presentations. They were very educational and entertaining. I need to pick up some books to expand my writing craft library. I know this is number four in my top-ten, but don’t let that fool you about how great the presentations were. It’s only number four because the last three items were so amazing!

3. New friends. Everyone I met was so friendly and inviting. It’s great to make new friends and I loved spending time with my writer and reader peeps! The Romance community receives a lot of excellent press, and it is well-deserved 😀

2. My Internet People! I was able to meet some of my Internet friends face-to-face and that was just amazing!!! I’m still bouncing around from it.

1. My Editor was there! I always love spending time with my editor in person! We had a blast. And I know what you’re going to say, Holly, but it isn’t pandering if I mean it! 😛

I am definitely going next year. My thanks to the organizers of this great event!

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