Hunky Doctors

I’m still learning about tags and categories and all that good stuff. One of the most self-indulgent tags I’ve used is “Hunky Doctors”. This applies to all things Garrett. Excuse me a moment while I picture him… <3

Recently, I was surprised, gratified, and highly amused to see that someone came across my blog with the search term, “hunky doctor”. I guess I’m not as far off as I thought with that one.

Garrett is… Wow, where to start?

Well, if I can tell you a secret (please don’t let the others know), he’s my favorite. I love Dante. I love Finn. And Adam, and Brendan, and especially Khel (Oh, my dear, bewildered Khel. I have so much in store for you come November). I love all my heroes and heroines. Garrett holds a special place in my heart.

He’s just so darned sweet. He has all of Dante’s considerateness, but is laid back about it. He’s as charming as Finn, without the bravado. He’s real and honest and open, even though he’s harboring some pretty dark secrets. He’s strong and vulnerable at the same time, and doesn’t give a damn what people make of that. And more than anything else, he just wants to take care of people—and he cares so much about everyone.

I’ve talked about spending time with my characters here. Garrett might be a little difficult to move on from 🙂

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