Celebrating the X-Files!

Recently I found an awesome email in my Inbox. My publisher was letting me know about a sale that’s running from January 21 – 28 on Google Play celebrating the X-Files returning to TV. Several Samhain Publishing ebooks are on sale—including Gray Card! (If you haven’t read it yet, this is a great time to pick up a copy 😉 ).

Gray Card by Cassandra Chandler

It took a while to sink in. My publisher (OMG, I have a publisher) is including my Scifi Romance novella (OMG, I have published Scifi stories out there—okay, only one so far, but the next one will be out soon), in a celebration of the X-Files!


It’s made all the more special because Gray Card‘s  heroine is a huge X-Files fan herself. I can easily imagine Evelyn sitting in front of the TV with a group of her friends, watching the show and then having spirited discussions about what they’d seen right afterwards 😀

The X-Files was a masterful series, and I’m honored that Gray Card is included in Samhain’s celebration. I can’t wait to see what happens when Scully and Mulder return to TV this Sunday!



About Cassandra Chandler

Cassandra Chandler writes romances set in extraordinary worlds and driven by characters searching for a deep and lasting love.
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