After a launch, I’m always eager to hear what readers have to say. Have they read it yet? Did they like it? Did they find something I missed? It’s nerve-wracking and exciting and one of the best (and sometimes worst) parts of this whole experience.


We write to share our stories. One of the most rewarding parts of putting them out there is getting a chance to talk to people about them, to listen to their take on characters and worlds that feel almost as real as what’s going on around me. I’ve spent a lot of time in these stories!

I’m looking forward to hearing people’s reactions to this one. I’ve already learned so much from listening to feedback from trusted colleagues and long-time friends. New perspectives are always an opportunity for growth, whether it’s a reinforcement of what I’m doing, something to avoid in the future, or just practicing keeping up my creative boundaries.

Feedback—whether it’s from reviews or emails or conversations—can provide clarity. I want to know what the readers’ experiences were like and if it matched what I had planned. I know I won’t hit the mark every time, but every experience shared is important. Thank you for sharing yours!

Published by

Cassandra Chandler

USA Today Bestselling author of Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance — sometimes in the same book!

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