Think You Know the Summer Park Psychics?

Let’s have some fun with The Summer Park Psychics! How well do you know the series? Right answers will turn green when you click them, and wrong answers are red. Warning: there are spoilers for Wandering Soul and Whispering Hearts in the questions below 🙂

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In Whispering Hearts, what kind of snake did Garrett think he saw in his garage?
A coral snake.
Garrett has a tragic history with coral snakes, and was understandably freaked out to think one was in his garage.
A scarlet snake.
Garrett thought it was a coral snake, but Rachel was pretty sure it was a scarlet snake. She still treated it as if it was a deadlier species, just to be safe.
In Wandering Soul, what does Winston slip on in the kitchen that causes him to injure himself?
A chopstick.
Winston slipped on a key—Elsa uses a chopstick to demonstrate a technique for knocking a key from an old-fashioned keyhole and catching it on paper that’s been pushed under the door.
A key.
Elsa figures out that the key was most likely left on the floor after someone broke into her house the previous night.
Why does Rachel avoid looking at herself in mirrors larger than a compact?
She wants to be sure that her makeup is always perfect.
Rachel is less concerned about having a perfect appearance than making sure she doesn’t appear clairsentient to ghosts who might start haunting her wanting help.
She’s trying to avoid seeing ghosts.
Rachel’s clairsentience allows her to see ghosts in reflective surfaces.
When was the first time Elsa and Dante saw each other?
In 1881, moments after Dante’s father, Heinrich, died.
Dante is able to perceive Elsa’s astral form, which is a sign that she will be able to bring him forward through time with her.
In 1881, during the fire that destroys the theater where Dante lives.
Dante actually saw Elsa in her astral form right after the death of his father, Heinrich.
What does Rachel draw on her mirror to trap the ghosts who are haunting her?
Runes inscribed in her blood.
It’s a pretty intense scene…
The spirits’ names.
Rachel doesn’t actually know the names of all the spirits who are after her—using runes provides a broader net to catch them all.
What character does Jazz have Dante dress as for her costumed ball?
Why would you even think that?
The Phantom of the Opera.
Jazz thinks Dante is an actor helping Elsa write a romance novel about the character, and doesn’t know that Dante is the man who inspired the legend.
In Whispering Hearts, what kind of animal does the main malevolent spirit possess to attack Rachel and Garrett?
The ghost behind the threat to Rachel and Garrett uses alligators to try to kill Rachel and Garrett.
There are no monkeys in The Summer Park Psychics!


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