“Seconds” Cover Reveals!

Hi, everyone! I’m super excited to bring you not one but TWO cover reveals today! There’s a new cover for “Second Sight” and after the jump you’ll get to see both the new cover and the cover and title for the second short story in this series!

Second Sight by Cassandra Chandler
Here is the lovely original cover <3

Seconds is set in a world where some people have developed superpowers. For the most part, the first generation didn’t bother hiding their identities or their abilities. That turned out to be a mistake, as the much more numerous human population banded together against them and culled most from the gene pool. The second generation of humans with superpowers—often called “seconds”—is being more cautious.

I originally intended to tell the Seconds story through graphic novels, but I’m better with words than drawing. I still wanted to really play with form in this tale. I decided to write it in a series of short stories, jumping around in time to convey Andi’s experience with tracking so many timelines (this is also where the series title comes from—every second counts, both in terms of building a better timeline and in terms of people with superpowers). Each short story should come in at around 6,000 words and is written in first person present POV. So far 😉

Second Sight” was my very first Indie title and I wanted the cover to capture a comic book feel. Matthew Blake did an incredible job giving me exactly what I asked for (thank you!) and I love it—check out the shadows on those rocks and the washed out lighting from the lack of atmosphere <3 Over time, I realized that my original idea for the cover didn’t really capture the essence of the story. It’s a love story (spoiler: all my stories are love stories 😀 ).

I’m finding that the Indie life is all about experimentation and learning. After learning quite a bit more since publishing “Second Sight”, I’ve created a new look for the series—and new covers!

Without further ado, I give you…


Andi and Lesya are one of my favorite couples and I love the arc I have planned for their relationship. They have rough times ahead of them (seriously—buckle up), but…telling you more would be spoilers 🙂

Most people (and characters) have a romantic history, and Andi had a serious relationship in college with a guy named Jason. Jason has…issues. Superpower-powered issues. The next story in the Seconds series jumps back to Andi’s time with Jason, and is told through his POV. We get to see how his powers work and why he’s such a threat to both Andi and the world. He turned out so much creepier and more sympathetic than I expected.

Are you ready for the cover and title reveal? Check it out 😀


This might be my favorite cover of all the ones I’ve created. Simple, straightforward, yet capturing the essence of both the story and series. “Second Skin” comes out on Tuesday, February 14 😀

My readers asked for more of the Seconds world. I hope you enjoy this story as much as the first!

Thank you for reading <3

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