Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty

Wow, I can hardly believe I’ve been doing these posts for forty weeks already! They’ve definitely helped me to keep my focus onto the positive things in my life 🙂

What’s making me happy this week: visible progress.

There are plenty of milestones in creating a book. Deciding on the initial idea, figuring out the major plot points, completing the first draft (and then the umpteen versions afterwards), finishing edits, making the cover. But there is nothing like seeing a new book go up on the shelf and be well-received by your readers ❤

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“Tied up in Customs” Release Day!

Hello, everyone! It’s the official release day for Tied up in Customs! I’m thrilled to have a new Department of Homeworld Security novella out. The world could use more short, sexy, scifi 😉


When I finished the first series arc (Gray Card, Resident Alien, and Business or Pleasure), there was one loose end that I was particularly curious about—what had happened when Sorca went to get Eric? It turns out what happened was…a lot. Continue reading ““Tied up in Customs” Release Day!”