Reviews Don’t Have to be Fancy

The only thing I love more than writing books is talking about writing books 🙂 Really, my favorite thing to talk about is stories in general.

I also like talking about food, crafts, robots, and monkeys.

Nothing gets under my skin and into my heart quite like stories told through books. I want to know what friends are reading and why. What they love and hate about the stories that capture their attention. We live in an amazing age, where we can talk to people all over the world about what we’ve read. Sharing these thoughts can help other people.

Someone might be on the fence about reading a particular story, and your review gives them insight that helps them make up their mind. And, of course, it helps the author when you show others that you cared enough to leave a comment (because, at their core, that’s what reviews are).

I’ll let you in on a secret. Reviews don’t have to be long. These aren’t book reports (although, reading those kinds of reviews can be really fun). Sometimes a single sentence is plenty. Here’s my formula for quick reviews:

  • Leave a star rating that matches my experience with the book.
  • What was my favorite part of the book (a character, line of dialogue, scene)?

It’s that simple. If I really loved a book, I might have several “favorite parts”, but I still try to keep my reviews short and to the point. You can check out one of the shortest reviews I’ve written on Goodreads here.

Above all, I try to have fun with them, because really, that’s the whole point in reading for entertainment (at least, that’s what I’m looking for).

Don’t be afraid of reviews. Have fun with them and you just might start a conversation that connects you to new friends <3


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