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My writing bestie is celebrating a new release today and I couldn’t be more excited! Not only is it an awesome book, but I formatted it for her! <3

Valiant Heart is the first in Eliza Sinclair’s steampunk/flintlock Tanahr Tales series. It has mechmages, elven warrior maidens, and giant Mechanae (machine fae) roving over hills that start out green before being scorched by lightning spears and otherwise torn up in battle. 😀

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Check out this gorgeous cover!

The world building is immersive and the descriptions poetic. I loved seeing the diversity intrinsic to the world of Tanahr. Elves and humans, men and women, warriors, healers, engineers, and mages all work alongside each other without judgment or expectation beyond performing their duties and doing their best.

Valiant Heart is definitely on the sweet end of the romance spectrum, which fits the characters and story perfectly. I loved seeing how the ad hoc family that comes together in the book helps each other through their hardships, both physical, emotional, and magical.

Niahm suffers an incredible loss in the book. Her friends give her hope and help her see that losing ability is not the same as losing worth. Of all the many things there are to love in this book, that theme is my favorite part. The story reminds us that we are more than the sum of our parts and we are not defined by our histories or our origins.

I can’t wait to see what’s next in the series!

Check out the  blurb and Eliza’s bio below. And be sure to pick up a copy and let me know what you think! I’d love to have more people to talk to about the adventures in Tanahr <3

In the Commonwealth of Tanahr, every heart can find a home.

Niamh Starsong may be a soldier to her core, but she is also a dreamer who believes in the magic of love. When she encounters Jeron Wright, a kind and gentle priest—at least that is what she assumes—Niamh is torn, struggling to hide from her feelings for a man so wholly out of her reach.

Jeron, a talented mechmage and healer, seeks out Niamh’s solemn smiles and warm conversation but doesn’t understand why she keeps him at arm’s length. Tragedy strikes their expedition’s encampment and Jeron saves Niamh from the brink of death, forging a powerful, heart-to-heart bond in the process.

As insidious dangers close in on the city of Astra, Jeron and Niamh must again risk their lives for Tanahr and discover along the way how the powerful magic of friendship can blossom into love.


elizasinclairEliza Sinclair’s Biography
With the help of tea, a patient spouse and characters who like to bombard her with their life stories, Eliza Sinclair settles in after her day job to write sweetly sensual fantasy/sci-fi romance and urban fantasy. When she’s not busy untangling plot-knots you can find her haunting local bookstores and libraries, playing board games with her friends, or buried in art projects. Look for her on Twitter as @ElizaSWrites or on Instragram as @elizasinclairwrites, or visit her web page to sign up for her newsletter and be the first to hear about exciting new projects in the works.

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