Cold Moon Goals

The new moon this month has come and gone, and I’ve been busily working toward many goals. One of them, ironically, was to start blogging on each new moon about my focus for that month. Oops! Better late than never 🙂

Winter New Moon

Many cultures believe that each full moon carries with it an energy. As the moon waxes bigger, this energy increases. As it wanes, it pulls away what I’m ready to let go of. This is how I use lunar foci in my meditations. I’ve studied Celtic Folklore since…always, really, and use the names and traits of the full moons of their traditions.

For the Cold Moon of January, I’m creating structures and processes. With the crystalline clarity of ice, I’m crafting methods to bring my life more into alignment. By the full moon, I hope to have my planner set for 2019, and be back on track with the unique aspects of my life that make for the happiest and healthiest version of myself I can be.


I’ve found that busy-ness is a trap. It distracts from what’s most important to me with it’s urgent cries of, “This needs your attention now now NOW!” Most often, whatever the situation is doesn’t need my immediate attention at all.

It wouldn’t be so damaging if whatever was going on demanded my full attention. That could bring me into a focused mindfulness that I find very restive. But when all the little things stack up in my brain, as they have been for a long while now, they become a constant drain. When a new “urgent” matter pops up, the line of tasks I’m tracking in my head gets longer and longer. It’s reached the point where it’s taking up the mental space I used to reserve for my stories.


Tasks are not goals. Tasks are supposed to be aligned with goals. And so, with the energy of the Cold Moon, I’m creating frames that fit my authentic self and my goals, each as unique as a snowflake, as clear and focused as a row of dangling icicles.

Winter provides for clarity of vision. We see the sky through branches once hidden by leaves, the patterns they make, the true shape of the forest that surrounds us. It’s a perfect time to plan our paths.


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  1. Wow. This post, tho…I needed, needed to read this in the biggest way. And I need a sign that says “Tasks are not goals. Tasks are supposed to be aligned with goals.” Thank you so much for writing this! <3

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