Focusing on Happiness—Week Twenty-Five

What I'm happy about this week: taking a moment to reflect. There's been so much going on—in my life, in the world. I'm taking a bit of time this week to look forward and look back, take a breath, and then set out on my path again, maybe with a few tweaks in the direction.... Continue Reading →


The Quickening Moon — 2017

This year's Quickening Moon finds me in a very different frame of mind from last year. There's no fog, and I seem to have dealt with my winter colds in January (I hope!). Still, I don't have the extreme focus that I've had for the last year and a half with my writing—and it's a... Continue Reading →

The Cold Moon—2017

I like to use the cycles of the moon and sun to remind me of the bigger world that surrounds us—the earth beneath our feet, the air we travel through and that travels through us, the flaming ball of energy that supports life on our planet. It's a fun way to reflect on the world,... Continue Reading →

Making Room

We're only a day away from the Winter Solstice. This is my favorite astronomical phenomenon to celebrate because I love what it symbolizes. Fresh starts, renewals, and increasing possibilities. More than any other time of year, this is when I can work to reinvent myself—to let go of those aspects of myself that are no... Continue Reading →

Focusing on Happiness—Week Six

What I'm happy about this week: the changing leaves of Autumn. It seems like the lighting is always perfect to make the leaves shimmer and shine. The reds are my favorite, but the golds are also something special. When they're all mixed in on one tree, with a little bit of green remaining, the effect... Continue Reading →

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