Focusing on Happiness—Week Eight

What I'm happy about this week: having an action plan. I always do better when I have an idea of where I'm heading, what's important to me, and what I want to be working on each day—or even each moment. I made a list of areas that I want to keep in my focus. I... Continue Reading →


Focusing on Happiness—Week Six

What I'm happy about this week: the changing leaves of Autumn. It seems like the lighting is always perfect to make the leaves shimmer and shine. The reds are my favorite, but the golds are also something special. When they're all mixed in on one tree, with a little bit of green remaining, the effect... Continue Reading →

Focusing on Happiness—Week Two

What I'm happy about this week: my current knitting project 🙂 You may remember this hat from these moments of frustration that I posted on Twitter: The first two times I cast on for this project, I quickly realized I was knitting not a hat but a Möbius strip. I haven't knitted anything for quite... Continue Reading →

Opening Up to Happiness

Joyful Autumn Equinox, everyone! Today, night and day—light and dark—are balanced. Tomorrow, we begin the gentle exhale into the dark half of the year—my two favorite seasons. It seems a perfect time to start along a new path, to cultivate a new focus. As the wheel of the year turns, I am going to do... Continue Reading →


The last piece in this trio of blog posts is about acceptance. It's a skill as much as learning to maintain your focus. It takes practice. But it falls somewhere between the empirical and emotional partnering of focus and determination. It's about learning to be at peace. This is a skill I need to spend... Continue Reading →

Wanting and Having

In yoga and Tai Chi, maintaining your balance can be tricky. I used to wobble on one leg while getting into Tree pose and fall right over during (modified) Lord of the Dance. I tried imagining my energy flowing through whichever foot was on the ground, rooting me to the spot. I tried to improve... Continue Reading →

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