Snow Moon Progress — 2021

Today is a full moon. February’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Snow Moon. In my Snow Moon Goals post, I mentioned that I was waffling between trying to take it a bit easier with my writing goals or trying to keep moving forward at a super-fast pace. Well, I tried to move forward, and metaphorically slipped down a hill with my writing 😆SnowyMoon1LS

The good news is, I had a lot of fun doing it! It was like when you’re sledding down a steep hill and your sled gets out from under you and you roll the rest of the way laughing but knowing you’ve got snow in your boots. And coat. And gloves.

Anyway, I made it almost 10k into my secret project before getting a series of ideas that made it exponentially better. The bad news is, that means starting almost from scratch (I could keep a bit of chapter one).

My writing bestie, Eliza Sinclair, is always telling me, “Nothing is ever lost, especially when it comes to writing,” and I believe that. So, I’ve started (almost) over, and am having lots of fun!

I doubt I’ll make my “three books in three months” goal, but I’m really happy with where I’m heading with my writing. I’ve even been working in some reading as the season of snow wraps up.

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