Focusing on Happiness—Week Thirty-Eight

What's making me happy this week: getting back to my routine. Taking a break was incredibly helpful. Stress fell away that I didn't even know I was carrying. And now I'm coming back to my old routine with new eyes. I'm adjusting it a bit, letting go of what I no longer need and settling... Continue Reading →


Focusing on Happiness—Week Twelve

What I'm happy about this week: rest. Last year around this time, I made a holiday themed banner for my website. I put my first two published titles in a sleigh being pulled by cute spaceships. And of course, the dragon Bookwyrm was dressed in her festive Santa hat ❤ If I tried to update... Continue Reading →

The Flower Moon

Another full moon is upon us. This one is The Flower Moon. What would you like to blossom in your life? Financial stability? Flourishing creativity? Improved health and vitality? There are so many places where we can spend our time and energy. While I have many aspects of my life that I'm actively cultivating at... Continue Reading →

My Worst Habit

The New Year is fast approaching, and with it thoughts of habits I want to build and ones I’d like to break in 2016. The standard goals are there for me (and most everyone I know). Exercise more. Eat better. Be more present with my loved ones. My Achilles heels, though, are my own. The... Continue Reading →

Winding Down

The year is starting to wind down. It’s hard to notice sometimes with the jostling, bustling holiday season. Everyone is running around, buying gifts, eating good food, sharing even better company. It’s a beautiful time. A very busy time. In the midst of tracking holiday schedules, trying to fit in the last of my projects... Continue Reading →

The Best Laid Plans

It’s always fun to go back through my blog posts and see how I thought I had things all figured out. “This is how I’m going to edit from now on!” “I’m going to finish this project next, no matter what!” The truth is life is in constant flux. And if you’re pursuing a creative... Continue Reading →

Writing Time

Since I received The Call, my writing time has changed. It took me a few months to figure out what happened, but I wasn’t making my word count goals and I felt my attention had been split in ways I didn't yet understand. Now that I’m farther along in the process, I’ve had some very... Continue Reading →

Living Fully

My life is incredibly full right now. This might be the way it will always be—my new normal. If so, I will consider myself extremely fortunate. It isn’t easy to keep up with everything. My house, family, job, health, friends, and of course my writing, all require a great deal of time, attention, and energy.... Continue Reading →

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