Snow Moon Goals — 2021

Today is a new moon. February’s full moon is a couple of weeks away and is sometimes called the Snow Moon. We hadn’t seen as much snow as usual here this year, but then this week we were hit with sub-zero temperatures and a mix of snow and ice! We are hunkering down inside and staying warm with lots of cocoa and snuggles 😁


And that’s really what the Snow Moon is all about. I need to take this time to chill out (see what I did there? 😆 ) and try to get a little downtime.

I’m really not good at taking breaks. I’ve finished two books and four covers in the last two months, along with a slew of other things. It’s hard for me to slow down. But the Snow Moon calls for it. I still want to make progress, though!

The Cygnian 7 series is really coming along well. Cygnian 7 is a spin-off set in the universe of The Department of Homeworld Security featuring seven Cygnian warriors. They’re big, blue, and have…some surprises in store 😮 I always love it when my stories throw me unexpected curveballs, and these are no exception.

I’ve been sharing excerpts and teasers in my Facebook group, as well as interesting things that have come up with the stories. I’d love it if you joined us there! 

In any case, as the Snow Moon wanes toward full, I’m going to try to remember that progress doesn’t have to be full-tilt and sometimes it’s better to take more time and be sure of my footing.

Or maybe I’ll just imagine myself sledding briskly down a snowpacked hill toward adventure and awesomeness. We’ll just have to see 😉

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