Revisiting The Blades of Janus for #ThrowbackThursday has me itching to write the third book in this series. You know about book hangovers, where you read a book that you loved so much that you walk around in a kind of daze, with your mind still half-immersed in remembered awesomeness? Imagine that after finishing a book that took you two years to write and featured many of the favorite characters you’ve ever created.

That’s what happened after I wrote Progenitor. I fell for Brock, hard, which I really expected. But falling for Meg? That surprised me. She won my heart with her vulnerability and the incredible strength embracing it gave to her.

Death won’t stop him. Loving her might.

Living on the streets and struggling to survive, Meg jumped at the chance to join a pack of werewolves as a child. But her new family was decimated before she could bond with them—slaughtered by the Blades of Janus. 

Now, she has a chance to avenge her fallen packmates and rescue the lost and misguided survivors taken by the Blades. The only way to do that is to find the man who founded the Blades and end him once and for all. Who better to get close to him than a harmless omega?

But the closer she gets to their leader, the more she realizes she doesn’t actually know who—or what—she’s facing. Will the dark secrets he carries be the key to her salvation or the end of everything she’s known?


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