Wind Moon Goals — 2021

OMG, the New Wind Moon almost blew right past me! There is a whirlwind of delightful activity going on around here.

Since my update on my Worm Moon Progress, I’ve finished the secret project, edited it, sent it to my editor, finished the last four covers for the Cygnian 7 (at least, the first drafts—I may tweak them more as I go), and started writing the bonus piece that I’ll give to my newsletter subscribers after the series is done (Psst. You should totally sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already!). I know, that may seem like a weird order to write in, but this is actually a prequel, and it will help me to see just exactly what happens leading into the C7 series.

I put together a new desk and am still fine-tuning my new writing space. So far, I’m loving it! I also broke out all the Summer toys and loaded them in a bin in our trunk so that we can fly kites or blow bubbles or play with sidewalk chalk or balls whenever the weather is right during our trips to the park.

Plus, lots of people in my circle of friends and loved ones are finishing up their vaccinations (my second shot is this week! 💖), and I’ve been doing all I can to support them. I guess I’d better turn that inwards now and rest up!

This week, I’ll be finishing up the bonus piece and working on edits for the secret project hopefully. Then next week I get to start editing Nuar and Kral and will be moving full speed ahead on the Cygnian 7!

It’s an exciting time, and I’m so happy that I’m already pointing in the direction I want to go as the energy of the New Wind Moon fills my sails! How about you? What direction are you heading in?

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