Resident Alien

The second novella in my Scifi Romance series, The Department of Homeworld Security is a bit more serious than the first

Resident Alien features a Sadirian soldier named Kira who’s been alone on a listening station orbiting Earth for two years. We start to see a bit of the seedy underbelly of the Coalition of Planets here with how Kira is treated by her government and with what she fears will happen to her if they discover her secrets.

I tried to balance sharing her perception and experience with keeping the light tone of the series. I think I managed okay… This one isn’t quite as light-hearted and funny as Gray Card, but what it misses in comedy it makes up for in heat. These two are… quite the affectionate couple.

We also get to meet Brendan Sloan, communications genius, who actually starts the Department of Homeworld Security and uses his substantial personal resources to get that clandestine group off the ground. It’ll be interesting when the series gets to the point that Earth governments learn that a group of civilians have banded together and are representing Earth in the first contact proceedings with other worlds 😆

Resident Alien also introduces my favorite group of “bad guy” aliens, the Tau Ceti. The Tau Ceti are still causing trouble in the worlds of the Department of Homeworld Security to this day.

Brendan has always dreamed of making alien contact. He’s about to get lucky.

When Brendan Sloan sends transmissions into deep space, he never believes he’ll actually reach aliens. The sultry voice that responds is too good to be true. He’s convinced Kira was sent by his government to keep an eye on him while he’s on vacation from his top secret communications project—until she shows up on his doorstep in a silver spaceship.

Kira has been assigned to the listening station orbiting Earth for two years—years she’s spent alone. Responding to Brendan’s broadcasts could land her in jail or worse, on a Coalition scientist’s examination table. She couldn’t ignore the connection she felt, and now, he’s the only person she can turn to for help.

Because a vicious species of aliens have set their eyes on her—and Earth—and she can’t hide her secrets forever. Can Brendan convince Kira to risk everything to help protect his planet?


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