Caturdays in Cassland — Leo

Looking back on all the cats in my stories, I have to remember the very first one. I only just realized he was also in my very first published book!

How could I forget, Leonardo Da Vinci, aka Leo.

Leo was Elsa’s cat in Wandering Soul. She saved his life while time-traveling to Da Vinci’s time, hoping to get a glimpse of the famous polymath. When she returned to her time and found that the cat had traveled with her, she named him Leo. Bringing Leo to her time also made Elsa realize that she would be able to rescue Dante, the man behind the legend of The Phantom of the Opera in my alternate universe take on the story.

Leo was really fun to write, and it gave me more insight into Dante and Elsa’s characters to see how they all interacted. If you’d like to see more, check out Wandering Soul, or better yet, get the entire Summer Park Psychics trilogy in one convenient omnibus! You’re going to want to know what happens to the other characters, too 😉

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