Welcome to April!

Welcome to the first day of April! We’re well into Spring in my neck of the woods, and I am absolutely loving it.

Fairy Flowers

The grape hyacinths are blooming, along with most of the flowering trees. I hadn’t really left my house from Saturday through Thursday of last week and Mr. Chandler kept talking about allergies. I’d look out the window, and think, “What from? Nothing’s blooming yet.” Little did I know…

When I finally left the house for a drive that Thursday, everything was in bloom. There was just nothing blooming out our windows. I’m really glad I started keeping the house closed up to escape the season known as The Pollening around here.

I just finished my secret project, and am so excited to jump right back into the Cygnian 7! March was…a weird month writing-wise. But I’m entering April with more clarity, purpose, and a heck of a lot of ambition. Stay tuned for exciting developments and a very Happy April to you 🙂

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