Happy Anniversary, Publishing Career!

Two years ago today, my first book was published and the world of Summer Park was born—along with my publishing career.   It was a wonderful experience and I learned so much through it—and in the years that followed. I have been busy, my friends, as my ever-growing sidebar attests to. Creating books from start... Continue Reading →

Entry Visa is Done!

The fifth novella in the Department of Homeworld Security series is done! Okay, well, it's with my editor. But that means it's mostly done, and I'm still celebrating! This one might just have the cheesiest ending I've ever written, but I'm okay with that, because the whole story is sweet and it's funny and so... Continue Reading →

Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty-One

What's making me happy this week: calendars. Seriously, I had no idea what day it was until about three minutes ago. I blame the holiday 🙂 And, of course, I'm also happy that I finished the first draft of the next Department of Homeworld Security novella! It's longer than I wanted it to be, but... Continue Reading →

Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty

Wow, I can hardly believe I've been doing these posts for forty weeks already! They've definitely helped me to keep my focus onto the positive things in my life 🙂 What's making me happy this week: visible progress. There are plenty of milestones in creating a book. Deciding on the initial idea, figuring out the... Continue Reading →

Focusing on Happiness—Week Thirty-Six

What's making me happy this week: all the movies! So, I finally noticed that today is Thursday. I kinda lost track... I haven't taken much time to just unwind in the last few...um...years. I'm taking some now, and catching up on a ton of movies that I missed. I'm still getting some writing done, but... Continue Reading →

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