Banding Together

It can be really hard finding new books and authors that really speak to you. To help you out, I’ve teamed up with two groups of talented authors to bring collections of books to your attention 💖

These BookFunnel promos will introduce you to new worlds and authors that I hope you’ll love! I think you’ll recognize at least one of the covers in each 😉 They’re only available till the end of the month, so check them out soon!

The #BlushFreeBooks promo!

Several of my Scifi Romance author friends write #BlushFreeBooks (they close the door during *those* scenes, but keep all the adventure, action, and edgy dialogue). Even though my stuff is super hot and explicit, there are times when I like to read stories that are high action, but low heat.

This promo is extra special to me because it’s the first one that my best friend, Eliza Sinclair, is participating in! She’s alongside so many other talented Science Fiction Romance authors. The promo is all about #blushfreebooks — stories that have all the action, but close the door on *that* action, if you know what I mean 😉

I actually designed the cover for Eliza’s book, Cornucopia, and I did edits for it. I’m a huge fan! Be sure to check out Eliza Sinclair and the other talented #blushfreebooks authors!

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