Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

However you mark the turning of the wheel of the year, I hope you're all enjoying a bit of down time, lovely food, and nourishing company. Holiday season can mean full schedules and empty energy wells. Around the holidays, it's even more important to me to minimize time with people and activities that draw from … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty-Five

What's making me happy this week: new connections. I love connecting with other people who love books. I've been taking more time to read, and posting reviews as I can for works I really enjoyed. And I'm also working on learning how to make ads to help readers learn about my own books (that's where … Continue reading Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty-Five

Wandering Soul Backstory – Winston

One of the most beloved characters in Wandering Soul is Winston. He's in charge of Elsa's house—ordering groceries online, hiring and overseeing cleaning and gardening crews, and taking care of the cooking and laundry. On paper, his job is listed as "butler", but he thinks of himself as Elsa's caretaker. She thinks of him as … Continue reading Wandering Soul Backstory – Winston