Blood Moon Goals 2019

The full moon in October is sometimes called the Blood Moon. I think about names that various cultures have given to the full moons each month to try to connect with the people who have walked this world before me and imagine what they were thinking when they came up with each name.

After the harvest, I imagine the focus turned toward putting food away to last through the Winter and Spring Continue reading “Blood Moon Goals 2019”

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

However you mark the turning of the wheel of the year, I hope you’re all enjoying a bit of down time, lovely food, and nourishing company.

Holiday season can mean full schedules and empty energy wells. Around the holidays, it’s even more important to me to minimize time with people and activities that draw from my well and make an extra effort to take care of myself and my dear ones. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving Eve!”

Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty

Wow, I can hardly believe I’ve been doing these posts for forty weeks already! They’ve definitely helped me to keep my focus onto the positive things in my life 🙂

What’s making me happy this week: visible progress.

There are plenty of milestones in creating a book. Deciding on the initial idea, figuring out the major plot points, completing the first draft (and then the umpteen versions afterwards), finishing edits, making the cover. But there is nothing like seeing a new book go up on the shelf and be well-received by your readers ❤

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A Heartfelt Thanks

This week has been so busy with release activities, I almost forgot today’s blog post! But never fear, here it is 🙂 Short and sweet, I want to use this post to simply say, “Thank you.”

Thank you to the readers who check out my blog every week, to those inquiring people who follow the ramblings of my Twitter feed, to the Facebook friends and Pinterest…pinners 🙂 To the G+ people doing their G+ thing (I haven’t quite figured that space out yet, but I’m still trying!). Thank you to the friends I’ve made and the friends I’ve yet to make on this exciting writing journey.

And most of all, thank you to my lovely readers who buy and read my books. Thank you for the words of encouragement, for the feedback and reviews. It helps in more ways than you know. Continue reading “A Heartfelt Thanks”