Good Fences Make You Not Meet Your Good Neighbors

A few months back, our neighbor’s fence blew over in a windstorm (gotta love living in the Great Plains). Some foliage has taken advantage of the extra space, and I’m trying to get that taken care of so the fence can be repaired and come back up. The plot twist?

This is not my fence. My yard isn’t nearly this nice 😆

It turns out, these neighbors who we’d never talked to before are totally awesome people and they have the sweetest doggos I’ve ever met.

Once the fence goes back up, play dates with the pups (and people) will be a bit harder, but we’ll work something out, I’m sure. It’s certainly been an adventure!

Catch up with the Cygnian 7 while you wait for Dorn to launch!


He never expected to find his soulmate.

Bound by a sacred oath, Lar has selflessly dedicated his life to place the needs of his crown prince above all others, including his own. Taking the oath was easy in his youth—with the population imbalance facing his people, there was no hope of Lar finding a soulmate. He never expected to be tempted to break his oath. But then he journeyed to Earth.

Sophie Myers doesn’t have time to heal from the trauma of alien abduction. Nor can she allow herself to be distracted by Lar, one of the giant blue warriors who rescued her.  She has no time for romance now that a shapeshifting alien mercenary threatens her family.  But when she discovers she wasn’t the only one taken, her only hope is to place her trust in Lar.

Their search for answers only turns up more questions—and uncovers a threat bigger than either could ever imagine. Will the temptation of their growing bond lead them to a new life together, or will it ultimately send them to their death?

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