The Harvest Moon

Today is the full moon sometimes called the Harvest Moon. It's a time to reap the benefits of all the hard work we've done, gathering the fruits of our labor in preparation for the colder months ahead. Autumn is my favorite season, with Winter a close second. Knitting, writing, hot cocoa, and bundling up under … Continue reading The Harvest Moon


Focusing on Happiness—Week Fifty

There's so much to be happy about this week. I think it's time for another list!   An awesome launch for my latest short, sexy, Scifi novella, Duration of Stay. Gray Card hanging out in the top 100 for short Scifi/Fantasy reads for weeks (mostly). A new short, sexy, Scifi novella all wrapped up and … Continue reading Focusing on Happiness—Week Fifty

Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty-Seven

What's making me happy this week: having a new Scifi novella available for pre-order! This is my new favorite in the Department of Homeworld Security series. I mean, I also love Gray Card (and all the others), but Duration of Stay was so much fun to write. I've never written characters quite like these, and … Continue reading Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty-Seven

Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty-Six

What's making me happy this week: room to breathe. I think it's pretty apparent that I've been really, really busy for the past two years (actually, it's more like three, with stuff going on behind-the-scenes). I had a vision for where I wanted my writing to be, and was intensely focused on getting there. "Phase … Continue reading Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty-Six