Love, Light, and Laughter

I’ve been working on a new logo and tagline that applies to all of my series and my writing and myself in general, and I think I’ve figured it out!



For years, those three words were in my signature file that was automatically added to every email I sent. They are at the core of my being, and what I want to put out into the world.

Whether my stories are more upbeat or grim, they all share a common theme of finding people who value you and learning to love yourself as you are. They’re about finding your place in the world, the place where your light can shine and you can find love, laughter, and joy.

The Sadirians of The Department of Homeworld Security are constantly reminded that they’re considered glitches—imperfect genetically engineered individuals who can’t fulfill their original purpose in the Coalition’s society. When they visit Earth, they see that there are people out there who value them for who they are and who actually love how they turned out.

Tessa and Meg have both been on their own for so long in The Blades of Janus that they struggle to adapt to finding a loving group who care for them and want to protect them. Every character in the Blades series is trying to figure out how they fit in with the world—and finding that where they fit in best is with each other.

The same could be said for everyone in The Summer Park Psychics series, and Darren and Miranda are certainly sorting that out in Forbidden Instinct.

When you meet the Cygnian 7 later this year, you’ll see that they, too, have a lot to learn about their place in the universe—where they can find their own love, light, and laughter. I have just the Earthlings to help them realize where it is 😉

I’m so grateful that you found your way to me and that you’re enjoying the stories I tell. I hope they give you that feeling of warmth and belonging that so many of my characters are looking for. I can’t help but smile when I think of how many of my characters have found their heart-families so far, and how many more stories I have to tell.

We’re in for an adventure! Thank you for coming along with me 💖📚

When Kimmy dreamed of meeting a werewolf, she never imagined he’d be from space!

As co-owner of the only pet parlor in the county, Kimmy is serious about taking care of animals. When she hears a pair of dogs fighting in her yard in the middle of the night, she runs out to break them up. The only problem is they aren’t dogs—they’re wolves. And one of them has tentacles. And the other one is glowing.

It seems like something straight out of her favorite paranormal romance novels when the glowing wolf turns into the hottest guy she’s ever seen. So what if he’s actually from outer space?

Serac is intrigued by the courageous Earthling that ran to his aid wielding only a primitive weapon called a ‘broom.’ His zyln, the elemental spirit that lives within him, is fascinated by her—a fascination that Serac quickly shares. But she’s thrown off his mission, accidentally imprinting with the Lyrian pet he was supposed to deliver and distracting him from securing smuggling routes out of Earth. To make things worse, his ex-partner, a shapeshifting mercenary from Scorpii-2, is out to capture Kimmy for his own nefarious ends.

When Serac’s attraction deepens into his only chance at forming a mate bond, he is once more forced to choose between his heart and his conscience. And this time, he may not be strong enough to walk away.

Can their bond survive while they work together to complete a mission that could benefit billions of sentients throughout the galaxy?

Author’s note: This novella was originally published in the Pets in Space® 5 anthology.

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