Nothing to Declare

I introduced a town called Harbor, Kansas in Homeworld for the Holidays, and decided to spend some time there for book thirteen. Nothing to Declare is about a woman who refuses to believe that aliens are real in a small town that has the most reports of alien encounters in The Department of Homeworld Security‘s Earth. Part of the reason for that is that Craig loves to hang out there 😉

The space cats figure in tangentially as well, and we get to meet a new Scorpiian! Nothing to Declare furthers the plot line as well as introducing us to new characters and a new setting where we’ll be spending lots of time going forward.

Nothing to Declare 400 px Cover

She’s sure that aliens aren’t real—until she falls for one.

Sabrina knows that aliens don’t exist, even if her grandpa keeps telling people stories about his best friend, Craig—the giant, white-furred, four-armed Lyrian. If one more person mentions the “Space-Sasquatch,” she’s going to start throwing things—even if that person is a gorgeous, mysterious guy skulking around her pet parlor late at night. With his pet iguana. Oh, and by the way, he says they’re both aliens, too. Yeah, right.

When Len volunteered to help Cyan, the Vegan’s xenobiologist, collect DNA samples from Earth cats, he had no idea it would be such a dangerous mission. He thinks he’s lucked out when the human who catches them turns out to be the granddaughter of their contact on Earth—until she starts throwing things. Who knew she’d be so sensitive about her grandpa’s friendship with a Lyrian?

But their quest for cat DNA has caught the attention of another alien hanging around Sabrina’s home town—and this one isn’t looking to make friends. Can Len and Sabrina keep the people and pets of Harbor safe?


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