Guest Blog Post from Alexis Glynn Latner!

Today, I’m hosting Alexis Glynn Latner, one of the authors in the Pets in Space® 4 anthology. Check out her post (and be sure to check out Pets in Space® 4!).

Let’s hear it for Heroes ~ Alexis Glynn Latner

My Mom and Dad were both in military service when they were younger. (So were two uncles on my Mom’s side, and an aunt on my Dad’s side.) They actually met when they were both in the Army. They left the service when they got married. It was for reasons unrelated to family on active duty that I grew up in Columbus, Georgia, the city next to Fort Benning, the largest infantry training center in the world then. Growing up there, it was the most normal thing in the world to see soldiers in fatigues running errands around town. To hear the boom-boom-boom of artillery practice. And spend the Fourth of July at Benning, with kids lining up for an exciting ride on the zip line of a parachute jump practice tower.

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Guest Blog Post from S.E. Smith!

I am so excited to have S.E. Smith on my site today giving you some behind-the-scenes insight into her Pets in Space® 4 story! Welcome, S.E. 😀

L’eon: The Pet from Outer Space
By S.E. Smith

Almost always a character will suddenly come to life in my mind, taking me by surprise and often capturing my heart. My Pets in Space® 4 ‘pet’ did exactly that. I first introduced L’eon, an alien Lightning Chameleon, in Madas’s Unexpected Gift: A Lords of Kassis Story in the Pets in Space® 4 Sampler (available for free at

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