New Year, New Look!

Greetings everyone! I hope your New Year is off to a terrific start. My 2016 began with a book launch, which is a fantastic way to start a year. Whispering Hearts is doing great and being very well received. There are a few reviews already, including one from RT Book Reviews and this wonderful review... Continue Reading →


Art that Moves Us

I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember. Music, paintings, books, quilts… I’m fascinated by the creative energy that goes into making art as much as the results. One of my favorite things to do at our local museum is to pick out a single piece to spend some quality time with. I... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Jazz!

Ling "Jazz" Zhou was born in Kansas City, Kansas, 33 years ago today (okay, if she was real, that is). A master at showmanship who gives away nothing about herself—she is quite possibly the most direct character I've written so far, while also being the most guarded. Her world and her self-view have been turned... Continue Reading →

Negative Space

In college, I took an amazing class on Asian Art History. It wasn’t part of my degree program and most of the people with opinions to share told me I was wasting my time and would never use it (I have actually used what I learned in this class extensively in my life). One day,... Continue Reading →

Poetry (for A.E. Ash)

Success needs to be celebrated! My very dear friend, A.E. Ash was just published in "Five Poetry" magazine! I am a huge fan of poetry. I am not a poet. In writing prose, the trick is always to show what’s happening, both inside and out of the characters, rather than telling what is happening. Immersing... Continue Reading →

“In Time”

I’ve often heard the expression that things come in their own time. I’m not always the most patient of people. Lady Wafflenose (my inner critic) takes this to the next level. She has a schedule, and she expects my creativity to reach maximum velocity at specific intervals and make stops at all the right stations... Continue Reading →

Art Feeds Art

I have more hobbies than anyone I’ve ever met. Sewing? Of course! Clothes, quilts, curtains, even puppets. Music? I can make passable sounds from half a dozen instruments or more. Sports? Okay, not so much, unless you count yoga and Tai Chi… and walking. I could name dozens of other hobbies I pursue, things that... Continue Reading →

Permission to Explore

There are many sketchbooks in my house that are filled with doodles, quick sketches, kernels of ideas, and occasional notes in the margins. Some pages are littered with drawings of ladybugs, and I recall one page with a giant praying mantis, complete with cartoon speech-bubble saying, “Hello” (I was up too late on a Summer... Continue Reading →

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