Summer Sentinel

Having natural talent helps when you want to be a writer. Reading, studying, learning about the craft—that helps too. Practicing is the absolute best thing you can do to improve your skill level. You also need self-mastery. If you can’t get yourself to sit down to write, you can’t write anything! But is getting into the chair really enough?

I’ve spent more time in my writer’s chair than I care to admit doodling, daydreaming, making to-do lists, and having my mind wander around topics that had nothing to do with what I was supposed to be writing. It took time and effort to build my ability to focus on each story. I also had to figure out what I needed to support that level of concentration while writing.

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Wanting and Having

The Path

In yoga and Tai Chi, maintaining your balance can be tricky. I used to wobble on one leg while getting into Tree pose and fall right over during (modified) Lord of the Dance. I tried imagining my energy flowing through whichever foot was on the ground, rooting me to the spot. I tried to improve my balance by stretching one arm forward and pushing backwards with my leg to keep me steady. It was a change in my mindset that finally made my efforts more consistently stable. Continue reading “Wanting and Having”

My First Indie Cover Reveal!

Okay, so this is exciting and nerve-racking and…and… I think I need to sit down for a moment. It’s my very first ever Indie cover reveal! Presenting, Second Sight!

Second Sight by Cassandra Chandler
Cover by Matthew Blake

I have a few graphic novel series that I’d love to create eventually, and this short story is a glimpse of one of them. I wanted this cover to be hand-drawn instead of based on photographs to capture the graphic novel feel.

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New Year, New Look!

Greetings everyone! I hope your New Year is off to a terrific start.

My 2016 began with a book launch, which is a fantastic way to start a year. Whispering Hearts is doing great and being very well received. There are a few reviews already, including one from RT Book Reviews and this wonderful review from Stormy Vixen over on Literary Addicts.

I thought this would be a good time to make some changes to my web site and blog. Continue reading “New Year, New Look!”

Art that Moves Us

I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember. Music, paintings, books, quilts… I’m fascinated by the creative energy that goes into making art as much as the results.

One of my favorite things to do at our local museum is to pick out a single piece to spend some quality time with. I read the plaque, paying special attention to the year it was created, and think about the artist standing in front of the piece while making it, in the very spot (relatively speaking) that I’m occupying as I observe it. Continue reading “Art that Moves Us”