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Authors with a passion for words will hone their craft; whether they use research, workshops, critique groups, or the most important means – practice! There are many tools for becoming a better wordsmith. One of the most important methods for me has been helping and receiving help from other writers. Maybe one writer I know will find a writing coach whose instructions are pure gold, or another will develop a new writing exercise technique for honing our skills that is brilliant. We all work together to advance our craft.

I liken it to climbing a mountain. We could hoard our knowledge, knocking loose the pitons that we’ve placed in the stone to help us on our way so no one can follow us. Or, we could call out to the others on the same journey, letting them know where a grip might be that is out of their sight, or that a ledge is close by for resting, if they can only push on a little further.

Finding a publisher for our finished work is a fiercely competitive field. But if we let competition overpower creativity we close ourselves off to opportunities and friendships that can be truly remarkable.

When talking about the act of writers helping writers, I like to say, “There’s plenty of awesome to go around.” Helping each other to create stories, to polish them until they shine, even if it’s only for ourselves, that is a worthwhile pursuit.

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