I have to admit, summer is not my best season for writing. It isn’t the worst, either, but there’s something about the long days that dims my creativity. My muse is more likely to hibernate during the light months than the dark. In the autumn and the winter, she has more space to play. In the half-lit and the not-seen, she is at her best. Foggy mornings and starry nights feed her. A cool gray day filled with gentle rain propels her into a flurry of ecstatic creation.

On days with blue skies and near-transparent clouds struggling to keep themselves together, I need to find another way to feed her. Remembering summer days exploring the world as a child, sitting in an outside patio at the café instead of in the chill of the air conditioning, taking a long walk in the park, these all help. As does making the most of the energy of summer – planning and working, shining that strong sun on my edits and plotting out what I will delve into during the darker months.

How do the seasons affect your creativity?

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