Balancing a job, a family, friends, maintaining good health, and launching a new writing career is difficult. I’m still searching for that magic formula, a schedule that feeds all of these important aspects of my life. But I also know that life is constantly changing. What works one week won’t cut it the next. It’s a constantly evolving challenge.

The most important thing for me to focus on is sustainability. Whatever system I create, it has to be flexible, and it has to be something that won’t burn out any of the other things that need my attention. I’m finding that multitasking is counter-productive. When I try to think about plot while spending time with my family, I’m not really connecting with them or my stories.

But there are things that can be combined. I can plot while I take a walk, getting good exercise and working through story issues. I can share story ideas with some of my family members and friends. The biggest challenge is always carving out time to myself, where I can get the words on the pages uninterrupted.

Life is full of distractions. Keeping in mind the important things, making time for each and giving them my full attention, is the best way for me to build a sustainably happy life.

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