Winter Ghosts

Whispering Hearts by Cassandra ChandlerWinter’s landscape is the perfect time for reading ghost stories. As a child, I often snuggled up under a blanket, flashlight held tight and eyes wide as I read ghost stories long into the night. The stark landscape, made up of whites and grays, with the barren trees reaching toward the sky with scrabbling branches… Yes, that’s a great setting for ghosts.

Whispering Hearts, the second book in The Summer Park Psychics series, deals with ghosts a great deal—but it’s set in summertime in Florida. I wrote it in February, often glancing out the window at the snow-covered ground. The warm setting in the book was a welcome escape from the cold surrounding me. And the shivers I had reading it weren’t all from the temperature in the real world!

This book… Oh, it’s a favorite of mine. Rachel was one of the hardest characters for me to get to know when I wrote Wandering Soul. Once I started thinking about her story, epiphanies came one after another, so fast I could hardly keep up with them. She surprised me. With her strength, with her compassion, and with her journey. Those are the best sorts of characters (as long as they don’t derail the plot, which she considerately did not do—thank you, Rachel!).

And then there’s Garrett. What to say about him? He was as amazing as I knew he’d be. Kind, gentle, with more of a temper than I expected. That was another surprise. Once I had him alone with Rachel—when he really felt that he could be himself…well, he became much more human. And when he revealed his Tragic Backstory it was absolutely devastating. I sob every time I read that passage in the book (I’m tearing up just thinking about it).

These characters had already dealt with so much before the book even begins. Watching them work together to make a future filled with love and happiness was a delight and honestly, an honor.

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