In My Hands…

Two blog posts in one day? It’s an exciting time 🙂

I had to make another post today because my author copies of Whispering Hearts have arrived!


There was a page inside with a couple of excerpts from reviews for Wandering Soul! That was such a lovely surprise! I didn’t expect to have a page like that in one of my books this soon 😀

And then there’s the back jacket, with the series title and “Book 2” right there in print. Book 2!!! It feels so much more official—holding this book in my hands. My first series…


And having it meant I could do this thing I’ve been really looking forward to.



It might seem silly, but having the first two books of my first series right next to each other… It’s hard to find words to describe how wonderful it feels.

Being a published author has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. The dream grew as I did. Instead of one book, I wanted to publish many. Instead of stand-alone stories, I wanted to create a series, and then multiple series.

And it’s happening… Right now. Right in front of me.

Sometimes I get so caught up in making the dream real that I forget to realize that it is real. IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! Receiving the second book in the first series makes it impossible to overlook.


It’s such an amazing feeling to hold these in my hands.




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