Surround Yourself with Beauty

The hardest part of winter is the monochromatic palette. As the trees and grass settle into their slumber, everything becomes washed out in shades of gray, white, and black.


Winter absolutely has its own beauty—stark and clean. I can enjoy it better if I surround myself with color and reminders of the spring that’s yet to come.

My house maintains its festive look with colorful lights that might just stay up year round, even though the other holiday decorations have been tucked away. Salt lamps cast a golden glow in the bedrooms, making them feel warmer even on freezing days.

Orange Tulips

I was going to keep the brightest, cheeriest tulips I could find at the center of the table, but they’re just so…fragrant. My main source of succor remains my knitting basket.

The deeper into winter I get, the more I’ll turn to the softness of the yarn, the variety of color, and the knowledge that my time is passing making things that tangibly improve the lives of my loved ones—especially during cold weather.

I just indulged in something for myself, a gorgeous brown scarf that is my warmest work yet (someone dear to me received the teal one <3 ). The trend will be continuing with another new hat and wrist warmers. This is coming after already finishing two new hats, a scarf, and the silliest pair of mittens you can imagine (I really should have used a pattern).

Knitting through the winter will keep my hands busy and my heart full. What are you doing during the cold months to pass the time and stay warm?

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