Knitting Weather!

Knitting weather is finally here, and oh boy is it happening 😀 I just cast off the scarf I started last year (it was the last of a hat, wrist warmer, scarf set), and immediately cast on for a shawl. It’s my first time doing stripes, and I’m kind of…making it up as I go along. So far, so good, though! More pictures to come on that when I’m farther along.


My new “happy place” is knitting and listening to audiobooks. Add a cup of tea and a rainy day, and it’s absolute bliss. Continue reading “Knitting Weather!”

Focusing on Happiness—Week Ten

What I’m happy about this week: finishing projects.

Winter Queen Set

I’ve had a heck of a lot of irons in the fire lately, and it feels really good to clear out the coals, so to speak. One of the projects is the hat, scarf, and wrist warmer set above, that just came off the needles yesterday. I was going to call it the “Winter Princess” set, but then remembered who I’m giving it to, and changed the name to “Winter Queen” 🙂

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Surround Yourself with Beauty

The hardest part of winter is the monochromatic palette. As the trees and grass settle into their slumber, everything becomes washed out in shades of gray, white, and black.


Winter absolutely has its own beauty—stark and clean. I can enjoy it better if I surround myself with color and reminders of the spring that’s yet to come.

My house maintains its festive look with colorful lights that might just stay up year round, even though the other holiday decorations have been tucked away. Salt lamps cast a golden glow in the bedrooms, making them feel warmer even on freezing days. Continue reading “Surround Yourself with Beauty”