Knitting Weather!

Knitting weather is finally here, and oh boy is it happening 😀 I just cast off the scarf I started last year (it was the last of a hat, wrist warmer, scarf set), and immediately cast on for a shawl. It's my first time doing stripes, and I'm kind of...making it up as I go... Continue Reading →


Focusing on Happiness—Week Eighteen

What I'm happy about this week: new projects. That trip to my favorite yarn shop yielded the above super-cheery yarn. I plan to make myself a set of vibrant wrist warmers. Colors are said to influence people's psyches. I've found that very true for me. Yellow is supposed to stimulate the intellect and creativity, and... Continue Reading →

Focusing on Happiness—Week Two

What I'm happy about this week: my current knitting project 🙂 You may remember this hat from these moments of frustration that I posted on Twitter: The first two times I cast on for this project, I quickly realized I was knitting not a hat but a Möbius strip. I haven't knitted anything for quite... Continue Reading →

Surround Yourself with Beauty

The hardest part of winter is the monochromatic palette. As the trees and grass settle into their slumber, everything becomes washed out in shades of gray, white, and black. Winter absolutely has its own beauty—stark and clean. I can enjoy it better if I surround myself with color and reminders of the spring that's yet... Continue Reading →

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