Focusing on Happiness—Week Ten

What I’m happy about this week: finishing projects.

Winter Queen Set

I’ve had a heck of a lot of irons in the fire lately, and it feels really good to clear out the coals, so to speak. One of the projects is the hat, scarf, and wrist warmer set above, that just came off the needles yesterday. I was going to call it the “Winter Princess” set, but then remembered who I’m giving it to, and changed the name to “Winter Queen” 🙂

In the past four months, I’ve also had four releases. That’s…a lot. There was the awesome Lingering Touch launch in August, along with all the special bonus content and guest blogs that went along with it. Then there was the digital launch of my first full-length Indie Scifi romance, Pack, in September. Then in October I released the print version of Pack. And then this month, I released my ebook about much of what I’ve learned so far of the craft and business of writing, Crafting a Writer’s Life—Building a Foundation.

During this time, I wrote bonus content for Pack, figured out how to format print books, and just finished writing a Department of Homeworld Security holiday short that will be launching on my web site tomorrow <3

I also had my house repainted and made several of the rooms more functional, including the kitchen, which is now absolutely awesome.

That is a lot. Kind of a ridiculous amount of work (I’m going to handle 2017 a bit differently, I think  😉 ).

It is also all done. And that is a great feeling.


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  1. Wow! This is a lot. You’ve managed to do so much. Can’t wait to read Pack. I’m in the middle of some remolding myself, i.e., my blog and the draft of my WIP. Reading this makes me straighten my back and get to it. Happy Holidays!

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