Two Weeks to Resident Alien!

I'm entering the countdown to the release for Resident Alien! I'm so excited to make this novella available again. Brendan and Kira are such a sweet couple, and I can't wait to share their story with more readers. Here's a sneak peek to tide you over—and in the meantime, don't forget to check out Gray... Continue Reading →


Focusing on Happiness—Week Fourteen

What I'm happy about this week: getting back to my routine. This is the perfect counterbalance for last week's post about vacation. As much as I enjoyed myself last week and filled my time with happy pursuits, I've built a life that makes me happy to live it every day. Getting back to my routine... Continue Reading →

A Homeworld Holiday

I love the holidays. Pretty much all of them. And this time of year is just packed with some of my favorites. The holidays surrounding the Winter solstice have always had a special place in my heart. It's the darkest time of year, but the days are about to start growing longer. It's always been... Continue Reading →

Focusing on Happiness—Week Five

What I'm happy about this week: I can make my own print books! I'm still not that great at taking selfies, though 😉 I received the final proofs for the print version of Pack just the other day, and it turned out beautiful! The cover, the interior, everything. I'm so happy with it. This is... Continue Reading →

Coffee Time Romance Review!

Happy Evening, everyone! I'm popping in with some quick news. Whispering Hearts received a terrific 4 cup review from Coffee Time Romance & More! Check out their graphic. Coffee, romance, and purple? Three of my all-time favorite things 😀 One of the best parts of publishing a series is seeing people discover and enjoy earlier... Continue Reading →

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