Focusing on Happiness—Week Nine

What I’m happy about this week: binge-reading Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series.

Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock Series

Have you read these yet? Because seriously, Ms. Hunter knows how to write.

I just discovered the series recently, and have been plowing through them ever since. I’m adding reviews for these on Goodreads as I make my way through the books. I just finished book four and have some catching up to do review-wise.

I have the first seven—not including a short story compilation that I’ll be asking for this holiday season—and so far I’m confident I’ll be getting the rest of the series. They’ve been keeping me sane during the editing, formatting, and launching of my latest books—which has been taking up all my writing time (I really, really need to start writing the next full length Paranormal Romance ASAP).

Urban Fantasy has always been another great love in reading for me. It’s different enough from the Paranormal and Scifi Romances that I write to give my mind a break between projects. And it’s so interesting to watch other storytellers at their craft.

I’ll be adding more reviews on my Goodreads page soon, so I don’t want to give away too much of my thoughts on these books here, but I definitely recommend the series for fans of Urban Fantasy with kick-ass heroines, complex relationships, innovative ideas, and really great writing.

Also, I love Beast. Does she have a fan club?

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