Around the Corner

We are so close to the start of Fall, I can almost smell the crisp air and hear the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. Okay, not really, but I can imagine them 🙂


Fall is absolutely my favorite season. Preparing for the colder weather means cozying up the house, planning for gatherings with friends and family, and breaking out the knitting needles!

I always get a surge of creative energy around the start of Fall, along with a hefty dose of cleaning/purging energy. As the trees let go of their leaves, I let go of possessions and thoughts that no longer serve me.

It’s a beautiful time of year, and I can’t wait till it gets here!

How about you? What are you most looking forward to this Fall?


4 thoughts on “Around the Corner

  1. It’s weird, I totally feel the creative energy, too–so glad you do! I’m most looking forward to settling into a new writing routine, and cozy times with friends/hubby! ❤

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