Focusing on Happiness—Week Two

What I’m happy about this week: my current knitting project 🙂


You may remember this hat from these moments of frustration that I posted on Twitter:

The first two times I cast on for this project, I quickly realized I was knitting not a hat but a Möbius strip.

I haven’t knitted anything for quite a bit, and casting on for this hat took three tries. I guess third time really is the charm 🙂

This is becoming something of a knitting-season tradition with me. No matter how careful I am, it always takes me a few tries to cast on for the first hat of the season without twisting it.

The color and the yarn are reminding me of the cooler days settling over us. My favorite time of year!

Do you have any knitting projects you can’t wait to cast on for? What’s making you happy this week?

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